COPER gallery


COPER AOYAMA ARTSPACE (COPER) is an open art space where you can see people coming and going outside the window, facing the Gaien east street, a 5-minute walk from Aoyama 1chome Station.

COPER is the place that is supports creativitiy(art, design and creative). Also, COPER owner Suzuki want to fill the town with art. Takahide Suzuki (the forerunner of founder and city designer of ERI Holdings)

We will continue to operate art space so that people living nearby, people who work at neighboring companies, and people who work in the art can communicate through art and enjoy the space with art and live more rich.

COPER owner Suzuki is working on urban development in Cambodia. His aim of that is making a base for the bridge of international bridges between Asia and Japan with art.